F.U.C.K. T.H.A.T.T. is a neologism (a new use for an old word or phrase) that Cabrini and her partner gave a new meaning to. As you venture through the “Entrepreneurial Maze” with Cabrini, you will see into her life and will most likely recognize parts of your own life –Things Happen All The Time -both good and bad. You may even find yourself saying F.U.C.K. T.H.A.T.T. I’m going to do what I want to do, face my challenges head on and course correct along the way.

If you’re having trouble taking action in your own life, allow this book to propel you to take the first step by using the 5Principles that govern the Law of F.U.C.K. T.H.A.T.T. 1) Decision, 2) Trust, 3) Focus, 4) Take Inspired Action, and 5) Enjoy the journey along the way, and you will undoubtedly first have to ask yourself the 3CoreQuestions as you reflect on your own life. Who the F.U.C.K. am I? What the F.U.C.K. do I want? And Why the F.U.C.K. do I want it? Are you willing to do the work?

Cabrini's entrepreneurial journey stimulated her to author her first book entitled F.U.C.K. T.H.A.T.T. What do you WANT!? An Entrepreneur's Journey to Self-Discovery. Over the past 3 years, Cabrini has been developing the business of self, a brand which she has developed and is committed to sharing with others. Keep your eyes and ears open as Cabrini Schnyder begins her mission to be an Orator to the world.


Take the journey.

Cabrini’s mission is to use her voice and knowledge of life & business to help Entrepreneurs, DNA-Entrepreneurs, and people everywhere, get unstuck as well as motivated to move with inspiration to live a F.U.C.K T.H.A.T.T. Life.

Living a FThatt Life means you're doing what you WANT, because you know who you are at your CORE.

"I Inspire You. I Empower You. I Connect you to YOU."


“It’s not about ME. It's about YOU because you're with ME!”


What do you WANT?




Finally Understanding Common Knowledge, Things Happen All The Time