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I AM a DNA-Entrepreneur! DNAE,  It’s in my BLOOD! I AM also  Gangsta in the Kitchen. My Gangsta Chef Cooking Show  is here to teach you how to be Gangsta in your OWN Kitchen! Together, we’ll learn what’s healthy and what’s not! We’ll learn the best meats to eat, the best cooking oils to use for frying at high heats and which one’s to top our fresh salads off with! Not only will you LOVE learning how to cook  you’ll fall in love with Yourself TOO! 

“The Gangsta Chef Cabrini”

Youtube is where you’ll find 

The Gangsta Chef Cooking Show

 I look forward teaching you how to get GANGSTA in Your OWN Kitchen! 

Gangsta Chef Cabrini~DNAE

Listen. Teach. Encourage. Inspire.

Having been a DNA-Entrepreneur for over 34 years now, I've learned the NEVER GIVE UP spirit. I'm a risk taker and thrill seeker! I love venturing into territory that's new for me! I've owned multiple brick and mortar businesses from a coffee bar, jazz club, retail pet stores with grooming and a doggy day care facility with overnight boarding! My history with cooking started in 1989 in my kitchen. I created a business called "Complete Cookery"! Indeed, I cooked and delivered meals to office buildings! Now that's GANGSTA! I even created a restaurant called "Nola's - A Taste of New Orleans" as well as a coffee bar for two different clients. Yes, I love a challenge! Needless to say I am a tireless entrepreneur, people person, dog lover, and a lover of cooking and eating good food! In 2013 I reinvented myself and discovered my love of Life Coaching. I settled myself down and wrote a book about my journey to self- discovery and the evolution of becoming Cabrini! Hold onto your pearls - the title of my book is "F.U.C.K. T.H.A.T.T. What Do You Want? - An Entrepreneur's Journey to Self-Discovery!" I'm still growing and evolving daily! The making of the Gangsta Chef started in 2018 on a whim. I started videoing myself while I was cooking a hearty New Year's Eve dinner for my friends. And because I was having so much fun experimenting, cooking, laughing, and entertaining -everytime I completed a dish I would say "that's Gangsta"! I was playing by my own rules, feeling free, and taking care of my friends!! They were enjoying the good eats! My quest is to share my triumphs and failed-successes over a good plate of food prepared by the people who are afraid to venture in the kitchen and you may need a nudge at living life out loud in your everyday LIFE! Don't be afraid of making a mess in the kitchen! Much like life, we can clean it up and start over!! The kitchen is a great place to be daring! Let's have fun, don't be too serious but bold enough to make a mistake and try it again and again and again. We 'bout to get Gangsta in the kitchen! Yep, it's time to take control of your domain and cook your heart out!! Your essential spices will be love, fun, laughter, courage, adventure, and a lot of zest! Most importantly you will learn how to become GANGSTA in your own kitchen! ~ Cabrini
Cabrini Schnyder


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The Gangsta Chef Cooking Parties

This Cooking Class is for you and your friends to get together and learn how to be GANGSTA in your OWN KITCHEN! If you HATE cooking or want to learn how to cook and have fun,  this class is definitely for YOU! Not only will you learn how to cook amazingly delicious  foods, you’ll also learn what’s holding you back from what’s most important in your life. YES, I believe it starts when we’re cooking for ourselves and the ones we love.  What we eat and how we feel about what we eat should be important so let’s work on that!  Not only will you NOURISH your stomach, you’ll NOURISH your SOUL from the inside out!  Let’s make Cooking a PARTY! 


Dining with Gangsta Chef Cabrini

“When two or more are gathered – there will be food, wine & laughter.” I chose to do an event called “Dining with Gangsta Chef Cabrini” because when you’re with people having a meal, LIVES can change… for GOOD or BAD! Dining with GCC  is a place to share your most intimate feelings, desires and DREAMS. When we “Gather” together, I help GUIDE you on how to get to the NEXT level of your life. Life is supposed to be FUN, Let’s have FUN! 

COVID19 Changes Coming 

“The Sky has NO LIMITS!” 


Gangsta Meal Prep

There’s nothing like eating a GOOD Home-Cooked MEAL! 

I have decided to prepare 3 types of meals for you. 

KETO, Low-Carb, and Regular Meals. 

There will be 3 packages… 

3 Day, 7 Day, and Monthly. 

COVID19 Delays 

Price and Menu coming SOON! 



Gangsta Chef Cabrini’s

Cooking Class  Coming SOON!!! 

Dining with Gangsta Chef Cabrini 

Coming SOON! 

My Gangsta Dishes

The best way to experience my Food is hands ON! Together I’ll take you on a JOURNEY to some familiar foods that you can cook and even  convert to KETO…. Can you believe all the deserts below are KETO!!! OoooKetoKEY!  

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Gangsta Chef Cabrini’s Food 

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